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How Can I Make Money Online With A Gift Card? – 9jaflaver

There’s a new and legitimate way of making money for several youths and students in Nigeria. This method only requires having a laptop or mobile phone and a stable and fast internet connection. What this business entails is simply buying and selling several types of gift cards.

  1. Gift cards can be found in almost all places now, and these gift cards are generally given at grocery stores, electronic stores, supermarkets, e-commerce sites, bookstores, and many more. The primary reason gift cards are as popular as it is now because these brands use gift cards to ensure loyalty amongst their customers. There are several types of gift cards, but the iTunes

    gift card from Apple Inc. is one of the most popular gift cards on the market followed by Amazon gift cards.

Where and how to get cheap itunes/Amazon gift cards

There are several websites that buy gift cards that are unwanted from costumers and then they resell them to other people at a considerable discount – this discount could sometimes be as high as 30%. In a situation where they amass several cards from a particular brand, the next thing is to run a sale. If you wish to get cheap Amazon and iTunes gift cards, set up alerts, so you know when your favorite store is running a sale. This would give you an advantage as you’ll become the first to know when there’s a sale; hence you get it cheaper.

You can also get Gift Cards from a Warehouse store. There are some stores like Sam’s Club and Costco that sell all types of gifts cards way less than their real value. Sometimes, this discount can be as high as 15 – 20% less than its original value. With your membership in this store, you can get gift cards like Amazon, iTunes, Dunkin Donuts, Starbuck’s, Google Play, AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas and other famous brands.

Some stores also offer gift card promos during the holidays. For example, when you buy a $25 gift card, you can be rewarded with a $5 gift card. Same goes for a $50 gift card, and you can be gifted a $10 gift card. So it will be beneficial to you as a seller to always pay attention to in-store signages and radio advertisements towards the end of the year. Sometimes, gift cards can be gifted from one friend to another or from a family member who’s living overseas.

Now that you have a basic idea how to source for cheap gift cards, the next step is the appropriate platform to sell it and for you to make a profit out of the sale. This has been a significant problem for most gift card sellers as they always tend to either sell at a low rate or fall in the hands of fraudsters.

Coincola is the best OTC Bitcoin trading platform where you can sell your gift cards P2P with peace of mind and at a high rate. The primary reason why most gift card resellers troop to Coincola is primarily because of the Chinese people who buy these gift cards at high rate thanks to the fact that there are more people willing to buy than sellers.

Not only do gift card resellers enjoy the benefit of reselling their gift cards at a high rate, they can also buy bitcoin with gift cards and other cryptocurrencies too. Coincola provides adequate security for everyone involved in a trade, and they also offer escrow services to counter fraudulent practices. Their OTC platform is used by all and sundry due to how easy and interactive their user interface is.

For any problems whatsoever, Coincola has a customer service representative available 24 hours of the day and 7 days a week. Their number goal is customer satisfaction.

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